This time reference point is used for “Jump To” and Snap” features and the sample time indicator at the top of each waveform. Any window in the same link group will synchronize to the field’s starting time when a field is selected. Any combination of markers can be selected instead of just adjacent pairs. Enabled the Escape-Key to close most windows and dialogs. Version 8 enabled plot drawing for the first selected field. Sample Time Reference for each waveform view can be relocated by dragging with a mouse.

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Please keep it simple.

Thai cave rescue operation Latest: Deselecting all bits of a data Bus but channel 0. Automatically runs selected searches after each capture.

Removed – Saving and loading of “Template Files” has been removed.

Red Sky Global DigiView K11 User Manual

When hidden, the measurements draw on top of the signal instead of above it. Saving was completed before the freeze, so no project data was lost. When Split, two dots appear above the marker number.

Easy enough for them.

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Im running Vista and XP, a dual boot system. New, digitally signed 64 bit and 32 bit drivers are included in this installation with full support for VISTA and Win7 operating systems.


Prior versions displayed simple fields for all decoded data except for I2C configurations. Renamed to “DigiView Project Selections”.

A broad, but reduced set of mixed colors, a full set of grayscale selections and the current theme colors can be chosen and previewed without closing the dialog. The Project Selections window can be activated from a button on the main dii tool bar to open a recent project, open other existing projects, open an example project or to create a new project. Each window has its own local menu that can be activated by the menu button, the Keyboard Menu key or a Right-Click in the window contents.

Markers will snap to the Division Grid tick marks while dragging over them. All of these issues are corrected by this update. The Status window will continuously update while the marker is in motion.

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Improved – Opening an Example Project now creates a new project from the example Opening an Example Project will create a copy of the example and open the newly created copy. Enhancement – CAN decoder Improved sync behavior after a noisy idle 4. The amount of extra padding varied with the number of characters in the field. The Graphical Trigger Configuration is separated by function i.


New Static Marker Measurements that display the Time Ivew from the marker’s last position or from its complement marker. Capture example files for Model DV are included in this download that were missing from the previous installation files.

These values are saved even when changing sets or themes. When referenced elsewhere a “c” is appended to the number.

Any combination of markers can be selected instead of just adjacent pairs. Delete the entire history.

DigiView Capture & Analysis Software

This release corrects the refresh issue so data changes are immediately visible without user input. Selected marker Active Marker position.

Added a Time Source selection menu to the Value column. Resetting the Custom Theme to a predefined theme will also copy the marker set color brightness levels of that theme. Clone a project to target a different DigiView Analyzer or Analyzer mode. They are uncommon but if you look at the tray that comes out of the CD drives you will see the middle has a small recess, thats for the 80cm CD.

Active Marker Measurement Windows a.