He had been driving a truck for a few years and had a clean record when he was approached by a man he knew at a Sikh temple in Mississauga. Once a truck driver ferries one drug shipment, it becomes impossible to refuse a second or a third, Fogarty said. The man behind the wheel said no, the tractor-trailer was empty. Today, two years later, he languishes in a Buffalo prison awaiting sentencing. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: Top stories from Vancouver. The cause of the accident is unknown, but Calgary police say speed and alcohol are not considered factors.

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Hero truck driver from Abbotsford killed in Calgary

For every illegal shipment caught, he estimates slip through undetected. After slamming into Grewal, the SUV continued on into oncoming traffic and hit another vehicle before finally coming to a stop.

Funeral services will be held Sunday for Abbotsford truck driver Baldev Grewal, 44, who trufk himself Friday to save the life of a fellow trucker about to be struck by an out-of-control SUV in Calgary. Surrey bait package program ends with ‘surprising results’: Together with Arora, he has pleaded guilty to trafficking more than 1, kilograms of cocaine from the U.


They have them pretty much marked grweal. Michael Bagri, a third associate from the Toronto area, was arrested in the U.

During that time, he also got married in India and brought his wife to Canada. Last month, a trial began in Windsor for transport driver Karamjit Singh Grewal of Brampton, accused of smuggling 82 kilos of cocaine across the Ambassador Bridge on April 12, Things to do Dec 26, Contributed Dec 26, That’s why it hurts just that much more.

Indo-Canadian truck drivers caught in drug trade

Please read our Commenting Policy first. A dog trained to sniff out narcotics was brought inside the trailer and noticed nothing suspicious.

Homeland Security in the U. But it was extra money, and tax-free. He was an all-around great person, selfless.

Gas bapdev expected drop by 7 cents overnight: Today, two years later, he languishes in a Buffalo prison awaiting sentencing. Community Dec 17, Coworkers say Grewal took pride in the condition of his truck, inside and out, and a generally meticulous approach to his responsibilities, but always kept a smile on his face and was truckk out-of-sorts. Riar and his co-driver, Jaswinder Aujla, both from Brampton, were convicted of smuggling truco kilos of cocaine hidden among a shipment of ice cream originating in California.

I do care for them. Grewal was referred to a secondary inspection. The drugs were found between skids of California lettuce. Parminder Sidhu, of Brampton, who hired Arora as a abldev at his company, Prime 9, was arrested and then extradited to the U.


An wheeler trundled to a stop at the Queenston-Lewiston Bridge on its way into Canada. In a news conference inJames Engleman, director of field operations for U. After crossing the border, the drugs were then delivered to a warehouse in Mississauga for eventual street sale in the Greater Toronto Area.

Indo-Canadian truck drivers caught in drug trade |

Sidhu has been given time off to cope with survivor’s guilt, as well as haunting flashbacks of the horrible accident. He faces a minimum 10 years to life behind bars.

His lawyer, Parmanand Prashad, said his client regrets this decision more than anything else in his life. He was arrested on Aug. They will gladly do long-haul jobs shunned by others that can mean being on the road for weeks. Analyst predicts volatile gas prices in