While building his business, Bib also had a successful career as an open wheel racing driver, including driving at Le Mans and the Australian Grand Prix and being named Australian Formula 1 Gold Star Champion four years running before retiring from racing in In the following four years, when held in glorious weather, Warwick Farm attracted between 23, and 36, to its annual International Meetings- strong numbers to see the F1 stars of the day. The fence was the very solid and unyielding WF Pit Straight fence which comprised 2 inch thick planks of wood bolted to railway sleepers. Ecurie Australie onto the grid. The front and rear body sections were hinged for ease of access with two horizontal doors for driver and passenger!

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The long shadows show that the photograph was taken in the early morning — I seem to recall that practice was at 6. July 20, in F1Features Tags: To create the track they had to tar-seal a section over a railway line and then remove it after the weekends racing to allow the trains to operate the following morning! Into the domestic season Stillwell won the Victorian Road Racing Championship Gold Star round in April after a couple of Matich spins, albeit FM was second despite a failing engine- and started from pole a half-second clear of Bib.

Matich and Stillwell were intensely competitive, driven, successful men- they had far more in common i suspect than not, especially in terms of mindset and will to win. Visit us at www. We know nothing of this car and driver. Stillwell was awarded an Order of Australia Medal posthumously, in January Click here for an article on this phase of his career.


His racing achievements from – were significant. For many years the car was owned and used in the early days of historic racing in Australia by Stan Rumble. Mallala was a brand new facility, the bitumen was slippery, his 2. Palmer, later multiple NZ Gold Star winner and ex-F1 driver Shelly had virtually identical results in the four NZ Tasman races, and finished all of them which is admirable at a time the 2. By then he was building world-beating Formula cars, indeed no-one did more miles around the Western Sydney outskirts circuit than FM.

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The later BT11A had the opposite rear set up- single top link and inverted lower wishbone John Ellacott. Rading positions for the 15 lap final were determined by the results of two heats; Matich comfortably led his until encountering timing problems with his Coventry Climax engine, Palmer took the win with John Youl victorious in the other heat.

The Stillwell Group is still a Melbourne based family business.

Off to Queensland, at Lakeside, he was driving away from everybody before the engine let go- a Weber ingested a stone and the expensive motor went ka-boom on lap 8. Stillwell racung contested three Australian races gaining a strong second in the AGP at Sandown whilst Matich was prodigiously fast but had woeful reliability, we shall pick up the Tasman shortly.

SMG combines strong community links through Ronald McDonald House, education, and dealer sponsorships, with clearly articulated stilllwell values. Damage to the car was to its front, especially the left front. Even though the remains of the 19B were seen by various people at Elfins over the years the remains of the chassis have never seen the light of day and were probably, at some clearout, disposed of. He won the race the year before at Longford in the 19B but for the field had greater depth.


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Many say Lex was lucky with all of his four AGP wins, he was too. Its up there with the Bugatti T35 and Maserati F as the best of competitive tools for the privateer which could be acquired off-the-shelf.

Retrieved from ” https: The Stillwell Motor Group was a family business from the start. Six times Australian Hillclimb Champion from to The contributions of Ray Bell and Bryan Miller are specifically acknowledged.

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Porsche Speedster; ibb Soon Repco were making Climax parts and eventually building the engines in totality under licence in Australia. He was appointed as a dealer for MG, Morris and Jaguar and the Dealership was quickly recognised for excellence in sales and service.

The creation of the permanent Bay Park circuit in the area supplanted the road course which was created by Joseph and Graham Pierce and Feo Stanton.

Having debuted as a riding mechanic with Alfieri Maserati in the Stillweell Florio and subsequently being riding mechanic in thirteen Mille Miglias as well as the 12 Hour of Pescara, it has always saddened me that he should die in as a passenger to an American during a trial drive of a modern Maserati.

Frank Matich above blasting wtillwell very highly developed Lotus around the Mounts working wharves, such a distinctive background! This process of continuous development of bits for all of his cars, factory built or otherwise, was sustained right to the end of his career in early