This is my first install on this machine, done with a Jolicloud boots remarkably faster with the Sata option set to compatibility for me. Buying Format see all. Sound seems fine, haven’t tried headphones yet. Looking forward to

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Screen Size see all.

Is reinstallation an option? Thank you very much Sorry for my english, I am from Czech rep.

When set to “Always low” it has no problem entering suspend but when set to dynamic the issue returns. I didn’t even think to check on that. Right now on my NB, the wireless works and connects to networks, but the fctn key rwaltek toggle power doesn’t do anything.

I’ve found that one can get wkn ubuntu kernels including ones not in the official release from here: I’ve just installed If you have a backup disk try and load windows, no change! If there is a problem won’t boot ng300/nb305 it lost communications to hard drive, and you need to check BIOS for hard drive. I am totally new to Ubuntu, much appreciated. I’ll update when I have a better idea about its stability. BTW, how did you reduce the cpu speed?


Toshiba NB300 Netbook Windows 7 Drivers, Utility, Manual

I’d love to hear if this works for others, especially under 9. However, I installed Natty Narwhal I think this might be a initrd issue, driver problem.

I edit the menu. I’m considering the Acer Aspire One h, which has better battery life, and smaller, but a much less pleasant keyboard and trackpad and poorer viewing angles on the screen. Tweaking and hacking are part of the fun. I think it should be similar enough.

mini notebook NBNBN-G drivers & software download

They have worked for me. By changing any of the options that appear in the dialog boxes and clicking Apply, you can reconfigure that function. I downloaded Kamono and it seems to do the job. OK, pretty basic but, how do I create a file?

Toshiba nb300 won’t boot. PXE-E61 media test failure. check cable.

And then the machine successfully booted ubuntu! That happened to me one time when I installed. And sometimes eventually off of the hard drive.


In the end I decided to cut my losses and send back the Toshiba. I just bought an Realhek and was excited to try out a Linux Noteobok for the first time, but not being able to sleep properly is a deal-breaker I decided to give Linux another chance.

I hope not, as I don’t have windows installed on this anymore. Thanks for all the awesome work you guys have done. When I install Unbuntu 9.

Holding down the power button on the machine forces it to switch off. By the way, Microsoft Security Essentials is a great and free anti-virus.

Screen has 1 dead pixel, see pic. I haven’t diagnosed it further than that.